The followings are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

About Nishijin Carbon in general

Nishijin Carbon is a carbon fiber textile that possesses an excellent design capability made possible by traditional weaving techniques refined in Kyoto, Japan.

Carbon fiber cannot easily weave complex patterns because of the nature of the material and almost all carbon fiber on the market uses simple weaving methods. In contrast, Nishijin Carbon is woven by skilled artisans using a special loom that we developed specifically for weaving complex patterns. The result is carbon fiber woven into designs that no other company can reproduce.

Nishijin Carbon has been used in the interior and exterior design of luxury automobiles; in handbags, glasses, and other fashion accessories; boat interior design; and bicycle frame design. Nishijin Carbon is often used in product designs seeking to be fresh and out of the ordinary.

We can disclose various kinds of data upon customer’s request. First, contact us through the contact form about the data you are interested in.

Yes, we have a showroom at our head office/factory in Kyoto, Japan. We welcome visits to our head office, and you can request a visit and/or tour through our contact form.

About textile samples

You can order a sample book (35,000 yen + shipping). To order a sample book, please go to this page.

About development process

First, we have the customer tell us what kind of design they want, and then we make a textile sample. If the customer is satisfied with the sample, we begin actual production.

The entire process takes about six months on average. The schedule greatly varies depending on such factors as the design and size of the order, so please consult with us first.

About preproduction sample

Yes. Before production we go through the sample phase in order to confirm the details of the design. Preproduction sample charges vary depending on the design, but as a general benchmark a preproduction sample is around 200,000 to 500,000 yen per pattern.

About overseas orders

Yes. We can also deliver finished goods overseas.

Yes. We can do online meetings and conduct project management in English.

About price

Price varies depending on such factors as the design and size of the order, but as a general benchmark a 1 meter–wide × 30–50-cm (12–20-inch) piece of textile is 20,000 to 40,000 yen. Order volume starts at 50 meters (164 feet).

Cost varies depending on the design, but as a general benchmark a textile sample costs 200,000 to 500,000 yen per pattern.

Do you already have a specific idea? Please contact us through our contact form.

Let's get started together!

Would you like to try to make your own design sample?Making carbon fiber textile a part of an original design can create new value for your products. Please share with us your design ideas and how they can be put to actual use.