Automobile Parts

From concept cars to mass-production cars

The lightness and strength of carbon fabric makes it an ideal material for fabricating automobile parts. What’s more, carbon fiber is prized among car designers as an automobile exterior and interior design accent.

Collaborating with automotive designers

Nishijin Carbon was used in a concept car unveiled at the North America International Auto Show held in Detroit in January 2018. Nishijin Carbon adds character to a fabric’s woven design. While the typical carbon fiber textile has a dull, monotonous appearance, Nishijin Carbon is capable of weaving complex and beautiful designs.


General carbon fiber weave and Nishijin Carbon weave

Examples of Nishijin Carbon compatible parts

Exterior: grill, fender, etc.
Interior: instrument panel parts, steering wheel, some door panel components, etc.

Applications of Nishijin Carbon besides automobiles

Nishijin Carbon has been used in boat interior fixtures. We also receive many inquiries from companies in the aviation and other transport-related businesses.

Interested in Nishijin Carbon?

Are you thinking about incorporating beautiful Nishijin Carbon into your design? Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have. We are waiting to hear from you.

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